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Non-Linear Imaging/ SHG-Second Harmonic Generation
In biological and medical science, the effect of second harmonic generation is used for high-resolution optical microscopy. Because of the non-zero second harmonic coefficient, only non-centrosymmetric structures are capable of emitting SHG light. One such structure is collagen, which is found in most load-bearing tissues. Using a short-pulse laser such as a femtosecond laser and a set of appropriate filters the excitation light can be easily separated from the emitted, frequency-doubled SHG signal. This allows for very high axial and lateral resolution comparable to that of confocal microscopy without having to use pinholes. Most importantly, SHG signal is generated without the need for staining samples with fluorescent labels.
This technique at work
Universitat de Barcelona, CCiTUB- Centres Cientifics i Tecnologics - Advanced Optical Microscopy
ICFO-Instituto de Ciencias Fotonicas, ICFO-Instituto de Ciencias Fotonicas - Servicio de Microscopia de Super-Resolucion y Nanoscopia- ICFO
Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) - Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging Unit
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