Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada
Leica Laser Scanning Confocal TCS-SP5 High-Content Screening (HCS),Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotechnología (BIONAND), Unidad de Nanoimagen - Advanced Optical Microscopy Service - Nanoimaging Unit
Lab contact
  • Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotechnología (BIONAND)
  • Universidad de Málaga
  • Unidad de Nanoimagen
Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología (BIONAND)
Calle Severo Ochoa 35
Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia
Malaga 29590 

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Lab members
John Pearson
Equipment description
Leica SP5 Multispectral HyD HCS-A Confocal 
- Inverted Leica DMI 6000 fully motorised microscope.
- 2 x HyD Hybrid GaASP Detectors (significantly better sensitivity and signal-noise ratio than conventional PMTs)
- 3 x PMT 
- 1 transmitted light detector.
- Tandem Scanner – HQ conventional scanner and high-speed resonant scanner 
- AOBS (Acousto-Optical beam splitter)
- Microscope enclosure with temperature, humidity and CO2 control.
- High precision Super Z motorized stage with multi-point and multi-tile software control. 3nm resolution galvometric z-axis control
- Leica HCS-A "Matrix" software for High Content Screening applications
- Plan Apo Oil immersion: 100x (1.4 NA), 63x (1.4 NA Blue), 40x (1.3 NA) o Plan Apo 20x (0.7 NA) 
- Multi-immersion (water, glycerol, oil) 0.26mm WD
- Plan Apo 10x (0.4 NA) dry.
Laser lines (9 in the visible range)
Violet 405nm (50mW), Blue Argon 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 514nm (65mW) Green
DPSS 561nm (20mW), Orange HeNe 594nm (2mW), Red HeNe 633nm.

Other info

Access available to internal users, external academic users and companies.  Please contact Dr. John Pearson (+34 952 367 634 / for more information.