Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada
Super Resolution/ Stimulated Emission Depletion microscopy (STED)
Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience, - Imaging Facility

Our Imaging Unit is equipped with a Leica TCS STED CW SP8 Super-resolution microscope, which is the first equipment of its kind in Spain. This is a state-of-the art confocal microscope that allows exploring details of brain tissue, below the limits of diffraction barrier with a purely optical approach, even on living samples in real time.

Its technology allows super-resolution optical sections, which can penetrate the samples, and allow the observation of dynamic cellular processes at the nanoscale. It is equipped with a white laser for a more flexible and precise excitation and a super-resolution system that solves structural details in the range of 70-80 nm in a sample double fluorescent labeling.

Main technical specifications

  • Inverted Leica DMI 6000B microscope.
  • Objectives: 10x Air, 20x Air, 40x Oil, 63x Oil, 100x Oil (STED).
  • Galvanometric Z-stage and motorized XY-stage for multiposition imaging (mosaic, time lapse).
  • White Light Laser (470-670 nm tunable excitation with 1nm interval).
  • Argon Laser  (458, 476, 488, 496, 514 excitation lines).
  • STED CW unit (592 depletion laser for super-resolution and 100x objective)
  • Galvanometric Scanner (up to 1400 Hz) and Resonant Scanner (8000 Hz) for fast scanning.
  • High-sensitive Hybrid detectors (x2) and  standard Photomultiplier tubes (PMT) (x2): 4 channel simultaneous acquisition with freely adjustable spectral detection.
  • Environmental control chamber (temperature, CO2, humidity) for in vivo imaging.
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