Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada
Zeiss Multiphoton Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope,Multiphoton Microscope
Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) - Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging Unit
Lab contact
  • Instituto de Salud Carlos III
  • Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC)
Fundacion CNIC Carlos III - Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares
    Melchor Fernandez Almagro, 3.
    28029, Madrid. Spain.
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Lab members
Elvira Arza Cuesta
Valeria R. Caiolfa
Verónica Labrador Cantarero
Hélio Roque
Antonio Manuel Santos Beneit
Moreno Zamai
Equipment description

Axio Examiner Z1 upright microscope coupled to a Confocal/Multiphoton/FLIM system with illumination sources for one and two photon excitation:

-Laser lines:
     Mai Tai DS 690-1040 nm

-3 GASP detectors (1 spectral detector + 2 Becker&Hickl GmbH FLIM detectors in the NDD port) + 2PMTs + 1 Transmission detector.

     W Plan-Apochromat 20x/1,0 DIC M27 75m
     W Plan-Apochromat 40x/1,0 DIC M27
      Plan-Apochromat 10x/0,45 M27

-Mini-incubator for CO2 and temperature control

-Acquisition software: ZEN 2011

Other info